In the beginning of 2004 David Phillips started the label Global Ritmico. This label covers a wide range of sounds, from progressive to minimal to tribal, and was created to give David’s love for these sounds a place to come to life.

After only two releases on a label in Switzerland, David made a vs. EP with Swiss DJ Steven S. With the third release, David’s first album, something happened that nobody could have expected: Global Ritmico made the jump to second place on the internationally known Balance Record Pool. This recognition meant that all the stars of the dance scene like Chris Fotier, Steve Lawler, DJ Chus, Andy Hughes and Martin Eyerer to name a few, had access to and played these tunes. The fourth release was licensed for the Australian mix cd series “Balance”, mixed by Chris Fortier.

In 2006 David found his complement, Marcel Best, who became part of the Global Ritmico family. They started out with a revival of the Royal Rumble Series, which was also charted in the Balance Record Pool. Global Ritmico began meanwhile to go digital, releasing all new tracks in major international online stores. For the future are also relases planed with international artists and Global Ritmico will go on to deliver you fresh and interestings sounds, so watch out!