GR049 – 8 Years Global Ritmico – Part II

January 12, 2014
Marcel Best
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Our first release in 2014 comes with all the tracks that didn’t make it on our 8 Years Global Ritmico Compilation. And besides that it contains the first release of a new producer on board of Global Ritmico Records – Antonio Casertano. Get your copy now!

Global Ritmico Records is here to serve the best tracks for your set. More features and updates to come at This release will be soon available in your favorite online stores worldwide.


  1. Marcel Best – Don’t Stop
  2. Gebrüder Hartmann – You Are My Vision
  3. Frederic Stunkel – Plastic Glove
  4. Antonio Casertano – The Third Army
  5. Frederic Stunkel – Space Vibration
  6. Smilla – Dexter

Get it here:

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GR049 – 8 Years Global Ritmico – Part II