GR055 – 9 Years Global Ritmico

November 16, 2014
Marcel Best
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A massive EP to celebrate our 9 Years Global Ritmico anniversary! We packed it with brand new tracks from Andreas Henneberg, David Phillips, Konstantin K, Dompe, Maalva & Dexxis, Franksen & Redux, D!E ZWE!, Frederic Stunkel and Rene Bourgeois. Get it now and rock the dance floor!

Global Ritmico Records is here to serve the best tracks for your set. More features and updates to come at This release will be soon available in your favourite online music store.


  1. Andreas Henneberg – Shobo
  2. David Phillips – Shake It Girl
  3. Konstantin K – Gela
  4. Dompe – Tigermosquito
  5. Konstantin K – Revolution
  6. Maalva & Dexxis – Men of Feel
  7. Franksen & Redux – Wont U Tell Me
  8. D!E ZWE! – Piano Love
  9. Frederic Stunkel – Heels
  10. Rene Bourgeois – Running Through My Veins

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GR055 – 9 Years Global Ritmico