Le Bérger

June 9, 2015
Marcel Best
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Lukas Berger aka «Le Bérger» was born in Bern in 1992. He was strongly influenced by music from his early childhood onward and set up a huge music collection including genres like Reggae, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Progressive Goa, House with its sub-genres and Techno.

At the age of 20, he organized his first event series called «la danse de la ville» in his hometown Bern. The goal was to create a beautiful musical-journey from Deep House to Tech House ending in Techno or Progressive-Goa.

Quickly, his events became well known and he was able to play his sets in various other clubs in Bern and surroundings. He soon established his position in the scene. With the help of good acquaintances, Lukas got the chance to perform on stages like AudioGate Festival (DE), Design Festival (CH) and many other clubs in Switzerland.

Together with his pal Marcel Best he started to produce tracks, some of which will be released on Global Ritmico Records (DE) in 2015.

His sets are known for lovingly handpicked, steadily increasing beats – which contain just the right dose of melody. Check out his SoundCloud profile and experience the flavor of his music.


Le Bérger