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October 22, 2012
Marcel Best
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Back to the future, stop the usual pap. There are not many djs treating themself standing out from the crowd by being innovative and having the courage to try something new. The Therapists build their whole career on their experience how to interact with the crowd. The giftedness to be inspirational with music and their skills on the decks is the edge over the rest. The DJ-Duo named Lukas Stern and Pascal Neron are a real phenomenon. During the last few years they worked very hard to make a name of themselves in the electronic music scene. The incomparable blend of electronic music already separates them from the rest of the field but with the addition that everybody clearly can hear and see their passion for music and djing. Not many other djs live their set like the “Therapists” do. Everytime they play in a club they try to make new experiences in sound and to broaden minds and of course to have a great night out. They describe their style with “intelligent electronic music with fun factor cubed”.



Juni 2001: Lukas Stern – lunch with pacman (white/vinyl)
August 2007: Pascal Neron – schnee von gestern (white/vinyl)
Februar 2009: Corsario – the traveller The Therapists Remix (candydeluxe rec/digital)
März 2009: Lukas Stern – strider invasion (candydeluxe rec/digital)
Juni 2009: The Therapists – arabischer morgen (candydeluxe rec/digital) incl Pascal Neron Remix
August 2009: Lukas Stern – scatman (candydeluxe rec/digital)
Juni 2010: The Therapists – el ritmo (candydeluxe rec/digital)
Juli 2010: Tony Casanova – my Reason Pascal Neron Remix (candydeluxe rec/digital)
Soon: The Therapists – hakuna matata (vinyl)
Soon: Pascal Neron – Album (vinyl)
Soon: Lukas Stern – EP (vinyl)
Soon: The Therapists – EP (vinyl)

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The Therapists DJ-Team The Therapists DJ-Team